La Verace | London

The ultimate Italian fine cousine experience. Bologna's typical fresh hand-made pasta is our speciality.

who we are

The Verace is born from years of exploration, spanning various cities across Italy and Europe.

Our chef Federica, a native of Puglia, envisioned The Verace as a haven for authentic Italian cuisine.

Drawing inspiration from the cherished recipes handed down by her Nonna, Federica brings a touch of home to every dish. With her extensive experience in European kitchens, she infuses traditional simplicity with a twist, creating a culinary journey for our guests.

why choose us

At The Verace, you're not just a customer; you're family. We pride ourselves on offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you can savor unique dishes crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced weekly from suppliers throughout Italy.

Come join us at The Verace, where every meal is a taste of tradition and a nod to our passion for Italian cuisine.
We can't wait to have you!